Mini Zeus 4K

Mini Zeus 4K

Product Description

Insite Pacific introduces the Mini Zeus 4K, a 4K High Definition CMOS color zoom video camera. The camera incorporates a 1/2.5 inch 4K CMOS sensor that provides greater than 21 times more video information than standard definition cameras with 8,510,000 pixels as compared to 410,000 from standard definition cameras.

The camera is provided in a titanium housing with a 4,500m depth rating as standard with options for full ocean depth rating.

A glass hemispherical viewport and Insite Pacific’s exclusive fully water corrected optical lens system corrects for chromatic and geometric distortion, astigmatism, as well as other optical abnormalities. Our proven corrected optical lens system also eliminates zoom and focus tracking errors.

  • Client:

    Insite Pacific